Euglena GENKI Program





About euglena Co., Ltd.

euglena Co., Ltd. is a public limited company in Japan. It was established in August 9th, 2005. We research, develop, and produce microalgae including Euglena. Euglena is a single-celled organism (microalgae) that can photosynthesize using its chloroplasts, and extensive researches have been conducted for its effective use. Euglena, which contains most of the necessary nutrients required for humans, is used effectively in health foods and cosmetics. We also research to create bio fuels to utilize CO2 emissions from various industrial plants. In addition, the nutrients of Euglena remain after lipids are extracted for bio fuel, thus the residuals can be used as feed and fertilizer, avoiding unnecessary waste. We are developing a diverse range of business while challenging to solve food and environmental problems by using the characteristics of Euglena. One of our goals is to produce and supply renewable jet and diesel bio-fuels commercially by 2020.

Background of  euglena Co., Ltd.

euglena Co., Ltd. was founded based on malnourishment problems of Bangladesh. President of euglena Co., Ltd., Mitsuru Izumo visited Bangladesh in 1998 when he was still a student at University of Tokyo. He saw the problems of poverty and malnourishment from the ground up. In order to solve the problems, Izumo and co-founder, Kengo Suzuki succeeded in mass culture of Euglena in Ishigaki island of Japan for the first time in the world at 2005

About our Bangladesh office, Introduction of  euglena “GENKI” Program

euglena Co., Ltd., Bangladesh office was established in 2013. We’ve implemented a school nutrient program named euglena in Dhaka city since 2014. “GENKI” is a Japanese word meaning“Healthy”.

The GENKI Program aims to achieve Izumo’s primary goal of minimizing nutrition problems of Bangladesh. We provides one packet (50 gm) of “e every day for free to children suffering from nutrient deficiency n the school conducted by the government and local NGOs. Thus, this program takes an important role in providing nutrition to the children from economically challenged family.

The Euglena cookies have one special ingredient named Euglena (microalgae), which has features of both plants and animals. Euglena contains 59 varieties of nutrients, which is almost enough to cover the necessary nutrients required for humans. Therefore, children will be able to live a healthy life by eating the euglena cookies.

Gradually, the number of beneficiaries of the GENKI Program is increasing. When we started the GENKI Program in 2014, 2,000 students are benefited by this program. Now a days, we run the project over 33 schools around 7000 students. In order to expand the beneficiaries, we plan to strengthen the relationship with the government and local NGOs.

What is Euglena

Euglena is microalgae about 0.05 mm in length, which is smaller than the thickness of human hair (0.07 mm).Although you need a microscope to see Euglena clearly, it has great potentials in food and environmental areas. Euglena Euglena has features of both plants and animals, and contains 59 varieties of nutrients. Therefore, Euglena can be used as a supplement to cover malnutrition.

Paramylon is a type of dietary fiber found only in Euglena. Paramylon is oil-absorbing and indigestible.  This efficacy of paramylon is one of the advantages of Euglena foods.