Joint venture Social Business company of Japan & Bangladesh



Professor Muhammad Yunus has developed a new concept of “Social Business”, which is a cause driven business. In Social Business, the investor/owners can gradually recoup the money invested but cannot take any dividend. The purpose of the investment is pure to achieve one or more social objectives through operating the company, and no personal gain is desired by the investors. The company must cover all costs and make a profit at the same time as achieving the social objectives.

On the basis of that idea, Mr. Yukoh Satake took an initiative to form a joint venture company which is known as Grameen euglena. Grameen euglena is a joint venture established by euglena Co., Ltd. and Grameen Krishi Foundation. euglena Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company established in 2005, aiming to solve malnutrition problems by microalgae Euglena. Euglena contains 59 different nutrients that are found in vegetables, meats, as well as fish. It can be used as a food source for the human being and also as a feed of pets and culture fish.

euglena Co., Ltd. has owned the shares of Grameen euglena by FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) to be a part of building the social business in the field of agriculture for Mung Bean production. It is the first Social Business initiative in coordination with Japan, and the first in the world in the area of agriculture where the main beneficiaries are Bangladeshi poor farmers.  

Grameen Krishi Foundation assists the nation in achieving self-sufficiency in food production and ensures food security for the rural poor people to provide credit, with input credit facilities, training and technical support for crop production and diversification on both on-farm and off-farm activities for marginal and small farmers for development of an improved and integrated farming system.




Established on October 13, 2010


Euglena- Euglena is a Japanese company. The company is aiming to establish a carbon cycling society using the microorganism euglena. Euglena grows up using CO2 by photosynthesis. Euglena is highly rich in protein. It can be used as a food source for human being and also as feed of pets and culture fish.



  • To undertake production of Mungbean by local farmers.
  • Create employment opportunity for the rural farmers of Bangladesh.
  • Create employment opportunity for rural women (Grameen lady) in production, harvesting & processing activities of Mungbean.
  • Create social welfare services for the rural people of Bangladesh from its profit in-
  • Health service
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Technology





Grameen euglena aims to produce high-quality mung beans in Bangladesh for both domestic consumption and export to Japan. It is expected that 60 percent of the mung bean will be exported to Japanese market while 40 percent will be sold in the local market. These mung beans will be used in Japan to produce popular brand bean sprouts. While helping to develop income-generation skills for the farmers, this project will also ensure soil fertility by fixing atmospheric nitrogen and will be a great source of protein for the poor.






  • West area
  • South area




Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) of Bangladesh Government requested formally that Grameen euglena would cooperate to cultivate in southern area for agricultural development and Grameen euglena signed MOU with Department of Agriculture Extensions (DAE). 

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between Grameen euglena and PKSF in order to work jointly in mung bean cultivation in various part of Bangladesh with the assistance of Partner Organization of PKSF. This joint collaboration is the outcome of IFAD (International Fund for Agriculture Development) funded value chain project as per its concern of Public-Private Partnership. We have extended our operational areas in Jessore, Bhola & Barguna district of Bangladesh were engaged some local and national NGOs of Bangladesh as Partner Organization of PKSF.



euglena GENKI program

We aim to supply our products with high nutritional value to the people in need. In order to accomplish this mission, euglena GENKI Program was established in April 2014 with the support from our partner companies. The program first started in Bangladesh, the nation that inspired our company.

When a customer purchases one product branded with the project logo, ¥10 is donated to the program and is utilized to deliver Euglena cookies to children. A portion provides one-day worth of nutrient particularly lacking among the children in Bangladesh. It is distributed during lunchtime at elementary schools operated by local NGOs. In parallel our staff at our local office in Dhaka offers nutrition education to enhance the effect.

A total of approximately 3,000,000 meals have been provided to over 7,000 children since April 2014. 1 packet has 50g (6 pieces of Euglena cookies). This biscuit contains Euglena powder which has 59 varieties of nutrients. 1 packet provides one-day worth of nutrient particularly lacking among the children in Bangladesh. Thus, euglena “GENKI” program plays an important role to meet the needs of making up for deficiencies in the lack of nutrients, and to eradicate malnutrition in urban slum children of Bangladesh.  




Grameen euglena is to undertake production of Mung Bean by local farmers affiliated with GKF. Mung Beans are a part of the legume class of plants, green in color and oval in shape. These beans are widely produced and consumed in regions of South-East Asia besides India, China, Japan and Bangladesh. Mung Beans can be consumed raw, boiled, or sprouted, and cooked. Bangladeshi People are used to, to take it as curry by cooking. Japanese people eat it as sprout which Japanese name is Moyashi.



The first shipment sent to Japan in December 2012 opening a new horizon. Grameen euglena has gathered the experience of export Mung Bean for the several years up to 2017. The farmers will be more benefited through this social business and will be affected for poverty reduction of Bangladesh.





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Green Mungbean Field


Farmers Training


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Mr. Satake; Co-CEO Attended to Group Leader Meeting


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